2009 Publications

List of Publications with ISI Impact Factor (2009)

1) Baharudin A., Khairuddin A., Nizam A., Samsuddin A.R. (2009) Evaluation of irradiated salivary gland function in patients with head and neck tumours treated with radiotherapy. Journal of Laryngology and Otology, 123(1) : 108-113. (Impact Factor: 0.796)

2) Banabilh SM, Suzina AH, Dinsuhaimi S, Samsudin AR, Singh GD. 2009. Dental arch morphology in south-east Asian adults with obstructive sleep apnoea: geometric morphometrics. Journal of Oral Rehabilitation, 36(3): 184-192. (Impact Factor: 1.200).

3) Banabilh SM, Suzina AH, Dinsuhaimi S, Samsudin AR, Singh GD. 2009. Craniofacial obesity in patients with obstructive sleep apnea. Sleep and Breathing, 13(1):19-24. (Impact Factor: 1.672)

4) Chemat, M.L., Wan Abdul Manan, W.M., Hasenan, N., Rohana, A.J. Wan Suriati, W.N. 2009. Effects of exercise on lipids, leptin serium and sugar levels among obese men. Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism, 55(Suppl 1): 535.
(Impact Factor: 1.236)

5) Jafarzadeh, M., Rahman, I.A., Sipaut, C.S. 2009. Synthesis of silica nanoparticles by modified sol-gel process: The effect of mixing modes of the reactants and drying techniques. Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology, 50(3): 328-336.
(Impact Factor: 1.433)

6) Kannan, T.P., Ali, A.Q., Abdullah, S.F., Ahmad, A. 2009. Evaluation of Tualang honey as a supplement to fetal bovine serum in cell culture. Food and Chemical Toxicology, 47 (7): 1696-1702. (Impact Factor: 2.321).

7) Kannan, T.P., Hemlatha, S., Ankathil, A., Zilfalil, B.A. 2009. Clinical manifestations in trisomy 9. Indian Journal of Pediatrics, 76(7): 745-746 (Impact Factor: 0.646).

8) Noushad, M., Kannan, T.P., Husein, A., Abdullah, H., Ismail, A.R. 2009. Genotoxicity evaluation of locally produced dental porcelain - An in vitro study using the Ames and Comet assays. Toxicology in Vitro, 23(6): 1145-1150. (Impact Factor: 2.473).

9) Ong, S., J. Ismail, M. Abu Bakar, I. A. Rahman, C. S. Sipaut, C.K. Chee. 2009. Polyurethane-modified epoxy resin: solventless preparation and properties. Journal of Applied Polymer Science. 111: 3094-3103. (Impact Factor: 1.187)

10) Qadri, G.W., Mohd Noor, S.N.F., Mohamad, D. (2009). Microleakage Assessment of a Repaired Nano-filled Resin based Fissure Sealant. Pediatric Dentistry, 31(5): 389-394. (Impact Factor: 0.964)

11) Rahman, I.A., Jafarzadeh, M., Sipaut, C.S. 2009. Synthesis of organo-functionalized nanosilica via a co-condensation modification using γ-aminopropyltriethoxysilane (APTES). Ceramics International, 35(5): 1883-1888. (Impact Factor: 1.369)

12) Rahman, I.A., Vejayakumaran, P., Sipaut, C.S., Ismail, J., Chee, C.K. 2009. Size-dependent physicochemical and optical properties of silica nanoparticles. Materials Chemistry and Physics, 114(1): 328-332.
(Impact Factor: 1.799 )

13) Saddki, N., Noor, M.M., Norbanee, T.H., Rusli, M.A., Norzila, Z., Zaharah, S., Sarimah, A., Norsarwany, M., Asrenee, A.R. and Zarina, Z.A. 2009. Validity and reliability of the Malay version of WHOQOL-HIV BREF in patients with HIV infection. AIDS Care, 21(10): 1271 - 1278.
(Impact Factor: 1.466)

14) Salhin, A., Abdul Razak, N., Rahman, I.A. 2009. 1-[(Bromo-meth-yl)(phen-yl)meth-ylene]-2-(2,4-dinitro-phen-yl)hydrazine. Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online, 65(6): o1221-o1222.
(Impact Factor: 0.367)

15) Takahashi S, Takeshita K, Seeni A, Sugiura S, Tang M, Sato SY, Kuriyama H, Nakadate M, Abe K, Maeno Y, Nagao M, Shirai T. 2009. Suppression of prostate cancer in a transgenic rat model via gamma-tocopherol activation of caspase signaling. Prostate, 69(6): 644-651. (Impact Factor: 3.674).

16) Zreaqat, M., Hassan, R., Halim, A.S. 2009. Dentoalveolar relationships of Malay children with unilateral cleft lip and palate. Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Journal, 46(3): 326-330.
(Impact Factor: 0.957) .


List of Publications Indexed in PubMed/SCOPUS (2009)

1) Abdullah B, Shibghatullah AH, Hamid SSA, Omar NS, Samsudin AR. 2009. The microscopic biological response of human chondrocytes to bovine bone scaffold. Cell and Tissue Banking, 10(3): 205-213.

2) Ahmad, H., Jabar, N.A., Rahman, N.A., Rahman, R.A., Sha, P.P., Ramli, R. 2009. Oral cavity squamous cell carcinomas in young patients in a selected Malaysian centre. Asia-Pacific Journal of Clinical Oncology, 5(1): 39-45.

3) Farea, M., Masudi, S.M., Wan Bakar, W.Z. 2009. Apical microleakage evaluation of system B compared with cold lateral technique: In vitro study. Australian Endodontic Journal (Published Online: 29 Sep 2009).

4) Fauzi, N.A.M., McKenna, D., Yusoff, A., Normastura, A.R. 2009. Awareness and use of folic acid among Malaysia women of childbearing age. International Medical Journal, 16(3): 201-209.

5) Hussein, K.W., Rajion, Z.A., Hassan, R., Noor S.N.F.M. 2009. Variations in tooth size and arch dimensions in Malay schoolchildren. Australian Orthodontic Journal, 25(2): 163-168.

6) Kannan, T.P., Zilfalil, B.A. 2009. Cytogenetics: Past, present and future. Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences, 16(2): 4-9.

7) Mohd Khairi, M.D., Normastura, A.R., Azizah, Y., Mahdan, M.H.A. 2009. Oral cancer: a retrospective study of cases registered in Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (HUSM), Kelantan, Malaysia. International Medical Journal, 16(1): 31-37.

8) Mohd Khairi, M.D., Normastura, A.R., Wan Zaharah, A.W. 2009. Auditory neuropathy: three cases among a group with sensorineural hearing loss. Singapore Medical Journal, 50(9): e324-e325.

9) Normastura, A.R., Mohd Khairi, M.D., Yaacob, M.F., Azizah, Y. 2009. Mandibular third molar impaction and dental caries among patients attending Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (HUSM). International Medical Journal, 16(1): 53-56.

10) Normastura, A.R., Abdullah, N., Mohd Khairi, M.D., Samsudin, A.R., Azizah, Y., Naing, L. 2009. Maxillary and mandibular arch width among operated non-syndromic cleft lip and palate children in East Coast Malaysia. International Medical Journal, 16(1): 39-45.

11) Razak AA, Saddki N, Naing NN, Abdullah N (2009). Oral Cancer Presentation among Malay Patients in Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia, Kelantan. Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention, 10(6):1131-1136.

12) Saini, R., Santhanam, J., Othman, N.H., Saini, D., Tang, T.H. 2009. Single-tube Seminested PCR Assay for Detecting Human Papillomavirus in Clinical Samples. The Open Microbiology Journal, 3: 106-112. 

13) Shamdol, Z., Ismail, N.M., Ismail, A.R., Hamzah, N.T. 2009. Prevalence of dentate elderly and the relationship of number of remaining teeth and oral health related quality of life of elderly people in Kota Bharu Kelantan, Malaysia. International Medical Journal, 16(1): 65-66.

14) Sinor, Z., Azizah, Y., Ismail, A.R., Normastura, A.R., Mohd Khairi, M.D. 2009. Salivary parameters and its effect on the occurrence of dental caries. International Medical Journal, 16(1): 47-52.

15) Sugiatno, E., Samsudin, A.R., Sosroseno, W. 2009. Effect of exogenous nitric oxide on the proliferation of a human osteoblast (HOS) cell line induced by hydroxyapatite. Journal of Applied Biomaterials and Biomechanics, 7(1): 29-33.

16) Zain, R.B., Ghani, W.M.N., Razak, I.A., Latifah, R.J.R., Samsuddin, A.R., Cheong, S.C., Abdullah, N., Ismail, A.R., Hussaini, H.B., Abu Talib, N.A., Jallaludin, A. 2009. Building Partnership in Oral Cancer Research in a Developing Country - Processes and Barriers. Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention, 10(3): 513-518.

List of Publications In Non-Indexed Journals (2009) 

1) Arief, E.M., Ho, T.K., Rehman, A., Hassan, A., Khamis, M.F. 2009. Arterial stiffness in patients with localized and generalized severe chronic periodontitis: a preliminary study. Padjadjaran Journal of Dentistry, 21(3): 166-170.

2) Ibrahim, M.A.M., W.Z., Husein, A. 2009. A comparison of staining resistant of two composite resins. Archives of Orofacial Sciences, 4(1): 13-16.

3) Jaffar, R.O., Tin-Oo, M.M. 2009. Impacted mandibular third molars among patients attending Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia. Archives of Orofacial Sciences, 4(1): 7-12.

4) Kamali, U., Pohchi, A. 2009. Mandibular fracture at HUSM: a 5-year retrospective study. Archives of Orofacial Sciences, 4(2): 33-36.

5) Mahanani, E.S., Arief, E.M., Samuel, S.V. 2009. Comparison of effectiveness of Salvadora persica whitening toothpaste with commercial whitening toothpaste at removing stain. Padjadjaran Journal of Dentistry, 21(3): 155-159.

6) Manal Farea, Sam’an Masudi, W Zaripah W Bakar. Apical sealing of a nano-Hydroxyapatite sealer using cold lateral and continuous wave condensation techniques: an in vitro study. Endodontic Practice 2009, in Press for November 2009.

7) Mani, S.A. 2009. Evidence-based clinical recommendations for fluoride use: a review. Archives of Orofacial Sciences, 4(1): 1-6.

8) Rajion, Z.A., Al-Khatib, A., Yusof, A.Y., Masudi, S.M., Hassan, R. 2009. Size and shape analysis of female nose in Malay ethnic. Dentika Dental Journal, 14(1): 24-28.

9) Siddiqui, R., Siti Asma, H., Tang, L., Jie, C.C., Rosliza, A.R., Roziawati, Y. 2009.In vitro study of natural plant products against oral bacteria. Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine, 2(6): 18-21.

10) Thauk, M., Masudi, S.M., Tin-Oo, M.M., Ariffin, Z. 2009. Scanning electron microscopic study of smear layer removing by using of syringe irrigation and polymer-based rotary file for fluid agitation on prepared root canal surfaces. Dentika Dental Journal, 14(2 suppl.): 236-240.

11) Widowati, W., Awang, R.A.R., Ismail, N.H ., Othman, S.H . 2009. The effect of toothpaste containing Kayu Sugi extract on plaque formation. Airlangga Dental Journal, 42(1): 21-24.

12) Wong, S.Y., Rahman, R.A., Taib, H. 2009. Effects of lower third molar removal on attachment level and alveolar bone height of the adjacent second molar. Archives of Orofacial Sciences, 4(2): 36-40.

13) Yousef, A.S.H., Kannan, T.P., Azman, R.A.R., Adam, H. 2009. Evaluation of cellular responses associated with subcutaneous implantation of dental porcelain in a rat model. Journal of Life Sciences, 3(9): 27-33.

14) Zheng, P., Belaton, B., Zaharudin, R., Irani, A., Rajion, Z.A. 2009. Computerized 3D Craniofacial Landmark Identification and Analysis. Electronic Journal of Computer Science & Information Technology, 1(1): 1-6. 


List of Other Publications (2009)

1) Azizah Yusoff et al. (eds.). 2009. Compendium of Abstracts: 14th National Conference on Medical and Health Sciences. Kota Bharu, Malaysia: School of Dental Sciences, USM. ISBN: 978-9834436414.