2010 Publications

List of Publications with ISI Impact Factor (2010)

1) Abdul Wahab N, Jones RD, Huckabee ML (2010). Effects of olfactory and gustatory stimuli on neural excitability for swallowing. Physiology & Behavior, 101(5): 568-75. (Impact factor: 2.891).

2) Al-Khatib, A.R., Rajion, Z.A., Hassan, R., Masudi, S.M., Yusuf, Y.A. (2010). Anthropometric accuracy and precision of new stereophotogrammetry system. International Medical Journal, 17(4): 289-296. (Impact Factor: 0.115).

3) Banabilh, S.M., Samsudin, A.R., Suzina, A.H., Dinsuhaimi, S. (2010). Facial profile shape, malocclusion and palatal morphology in Malay obstructive sleep apnea patients. Angle Orthodontist, 80(1): 37-42. (Impact Factor: 0.937).

4) Banabilh, S.M., Suzina, A.H., Mohamad, H., Dinsuhaimi, S., Samsudin, A.R., Singh, G.D. (2010). Assessment of 3-D nasal airway morphology in Southeast Asian adults with obstructive sleep apnea using acoustic rhinometry. Clinical Oral Investigations, 14(5): 491-498. (Impact Factor: 2.233).

5) Berahim Z, Moharamzadeh K, Rawlinson A, Jowett AK. (2010). Biological interaction of 3d periodontal fibroblast spheroids with collagen-based and synthetic membranes. Journal of Periodontology, (Published online: 16 Nov 2010). (Impact Factor: 2.192). ISSN 0022-3492.

6) Jaafar, S., Wei, K., Gong, S.G. (2010). Flrt2 is highly expressed during condensation of nasal septal chondrogenesis. Journal of Dental Research 89(Special Issue B): 3541. (Impact Factor: 3.458).

7) Jafarzadeh, M., Rahman, I.A., Sipaut, C.S. (2010). Optical properties of amorphous organo-modified silica nanoparticles produced via co-condensation method. Ceramics International, 36(1): 333-338 (Impact Factor: 1.686).

8) John J, Yatim FM, Mani SA. (2010). Measuring Service Quality of Public Dental Health Care Facilities in Kelantan, Malaysia. Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health (Published Online: 10 May 2010) (Impact Factor: 0.763).

9) Khairi Md Daud, M., Noor, R.M., Rahman, N.A., Sidek, D.S., Mohamad, A. (2010). The effect of mild hearing loss on academic performance in primary school children. International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology, 74(1): 67-70 (Impact Factor: 1.148).

10) N. Luddin, and N. Ibrahim. (2010). Effects of Shade, Curing Method and Time on Nanocomposite Microhardness. Journal of Dental Research, 89(Special Issue B) : 2311 (Impact Factor: 3.458).

11) Lutfi, A.N., Kannan, T.P., Fazliah, M.N., Jamaruddin, M.A., Saidi, J. (2010). Proliferative activity of cells from remaining dental pulp in response to treatment with dental materials. Australian Dental Journal, 55(1): 79-85 ( Impact Factor: 1.220).

12) Mohammad, O.B., Hassan, R., Samsuddin, A.R. (2010). Computerized Tomography of upper airway in adults with obstructive sleep apnea: preliminary study. International Medical Journal, 17(1): 53-56. (Impact Factor: 0.115).

13) Nurul, A.A., Rapeah, S. and Norazmi M.N. (2010). Plasmodium falciparum 19 kDa of merozoite surface protein-1 (MSP-119) expressed in Mycobacterium bovis bacille Calmette Guerin (BCG) is reactive with an inhibitory but not a blocking monoclonal antibody. Tropical Biomedicine, 27(1): 60–67. (Impact Factor: 0.649).

14) Nurul, A.A., Norazmi, M.N. (2010). Immunogenicity and in vitro Protective Efficacy of Recombinant Mycobacterium bovis bacille Calmette Guerin (rBCG) Expressing the 19 kDa Merozoite Surface Protein-1 (MSP-119) Antigen of Plasmodium falciparum. Parasitology Research (available online 6 November 2010) (Impact Factor: 1.721).

15) Rahman, N.A., Ramli, R., Rahman, R.A., Hussaini, H.M., Hamid, A.L.A.(2010). Facial trauma in geriatric patients in a selected Malaysian hospital. Geriatrics and Gerontology International, 10(1): 64-69. (Impact Factor: 0.717).

16) Rapeah, S., Dhaniah, M., Nurul, A.A and Norazmi M.N. (2010). Phagocytic activity and pro-inflammatory cytokines production by the murine macrophage cell line J774A.1 stimulated by a recombinant BCG (rBCG) expressing the MSP1-C of Plasmodium falciparum. Tropical Biomedicine, 27(3): 461-469. (Impact Factor: 0.649).

17) Razak AA, Saddki N, Naing NN, Abdullah N (2010). Oral Cancer Survival among Malay Patients in Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia, Kelantan. Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention, 11(1): 187-191. (Impact factor 1.108).

18) Reza F, Takahashi H, Iwasaki N, Tamaki Y (2010). Effects of investment type and casting system on permeability and castability of CP titanium. Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, 104(2): 114-121. (Impact factor 1.215).

19) Saaid M, Saad B, Rahman IA, Ali AS, Saleh MI. (2010). Extraction of biogenic amines using sorbent materials containing immobilized crown ethers. Talanta, 80(3): 1183-1190. (Impact factor 3.290).

20) Saddki N, Suhaimi AA, Daud R (2010). Maxillofacial injuries associated with intimate partner violence in women. BMC Public Health, 10:268. (Impact factor: 2.223).

21) Saddki N, Yusoff A, Hwang YL (2010). Factors associated with dental visit and barriers to utilisation of oral health care services in a sample of antenatal mothers in Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia. BMC Public Health, 10:75. (Impact Factor : 2.223).

22) Saini R, Al-Maweri SA, Saini D, Ismail NM, Ismail AR. (2010). Oral mucosal lesions in non oral habit diabetic patients and association of diabetes mellitus with oral precancerous lesions. Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, 89(3): 320-326. (Impact factor: 2.160).

23) Saini R, Khim TP, Rahman SA, Ismail M, Tang TH. (2010). High-risk human papillomavirus in the oral cavity of women with cervical cancer, and their children. Virology Journal, 7(1):131 (Impact factor 2.435).

24) Saini, R., Tang, T.H., Zain, R.B., Sok, C.C., Musa, K.I., Saini, D., Ismail, A.R., Abraham, M.T., Mustafa, W.M.W., Santhanam, J. (2010). Significant association of high-risk human papillomavirus (HPV) but not of p53 polymorphisms with oral squamous cell carcinomas in Malaysia. Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology. Published online: 24 April 2010 (Impact factor 2.261).

25) Sipaut, C.S., Ahmad, N., Adnan, R., Rahman, I.A., Ibrahim, M.N.M. (2010). Effects of starting material and reaction temperature on the morphology and physical properties of polyurethane foams. Cellular Polymers, 29(1): 1-25. (Impact factor: 0.727).

26) Tin-Oo, M.M., Saddki, N., Rahman, N.A., Yusoff, A., Ismail, N.M. (2010). Caries experience of mentally handicapped adolescents. International Medical Journal, 17(4): 297-301. (Impact factor: 0.115).


List of Publications Indexed in PubMed/SCOPUS (2010)

1) Aal-Saraj AB, Ariffin Z, Masudi SM. (2010). An agar diffusion study comparing the antimicrobial activity of Nanoseal with some other endodontic sealers. Australian Endodontic Journal (Published Online: 16 Aug 2010).

2) Ghashm, A.A., Ismail, N.M., Othman, N.H., Khattak, M.N., Saini, R. (2010). Antiproliferative effect of Tualang honey on oral squamous cell carcinoma and osteosarcoma cancer cell lines. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 10:49. 
3) Farea M, Masudi S, Wan Bakar WZ. (2010). Apical microleakage evaluation of system B compared with cold lateral technique: In vitro study. Australian Endodontic Journal, 36(2): 48-53. 
4) Farea, M., S. Masudi and W. Zaripah. (2010). Letter to the Editor: ‘Farea response to Dr Thomas’. Australian Endodontic Journal, Accepted on 29th August 2010. (Article online in advance of print).

5) Kamarul Imran M, Ismail A A A, Naing L, Wan Mohamad WB. (2010). Type 2 diabetes mellitus patients with poor glycaemic control have lower quality of life scores as measured by the Short Form-36. Singapore Medical Journal, 51(2):157-162.

6) Mani SA, Aziz AA, John J, Ismail NM. (2010) Knowledge, attitude and practice of oral health promoting factors among caretakers of children attending day-care centers in Kubang Kerian, Malaysia: A preliminary study. Journal of Indian Society of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry, 28(2): 78-83. 
7) Masudi, S.M., Luddin, N., Mohamad, D., Alkashakhshir, J.J., Adnan, R., Ramli, R.A. (2010). In vitro study on apical sealing ability of nano-hydroxyapatite-filled epoxy resin based endodontic sealer. AIP Conference Proceedings, 1217(1): 467-471.
8) Siddiqui, R., Siti Asma, H. (2010). Use of reducing agents for the aerobic growth of Campylobacter jejuni. Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine, 3(3): 235-236.
9) Tan SJ, Norliana G, Nurul AS, Asiah AB, Shamsuria O and Nurul AA (2010). Inflammatory cytokines and osteogenic potential of stem cells from human exfoliated deciduous teeth (SHED). The Medical Journal of Malaysia, 65(2): 50-51.
10) Nikki Tziavaras, Suzanna Mihailidis, Zainul Rajion, Asilah Yusof , Peter John Anderson, Grant Townsend (2010). A Three-Dimensional Computed Tomography Analysis of Craniofacial Asymmetry in Malaysian Infants with Cleft Lip and Palate. Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences, 17(4): 25-35.

List of Publications In Non-Citation Indexed Journals (2010)

1) Al-Khatib, A.R. (2010). Facial three dimensional surface imaging: an overview. Archives of Orofacial Sciences, 5(1): 1-8.

2) Arief, E.M., Adnan, N.D., Awang, R.A.R. (2010). The effect of chlorhexidine and triclosan on undisturbed plaque formation for 72 hours duration. Dentofasial, 9(1): 1-6.

3) Fazliah, S.N., Jaafar, S., Shamsuddin, S., Zainuddin, Z., Hilmi, A.B., Razila, A.R., Abdullah, S.F. (2010). Ex-vivo differentiation of stem cells from human extracted deciduous teeth into bone forming cells. ASM Science Journal, 4(1): 1-14.

4) Hassan, A., Omar, S.A., Ariffin, Z. (2010). An in vitro genotoxicity study of silver amalgam on Ames test. The Indonesian Journal of Dental Research, 1(1): 44-49.

5) Ismail, N.N., Mokhtar, K.I. (2010). Absence of nucleotide alteration in region of exon 34 of NOTCH1 and NOTCH2 receptor genes analysed in oral cancer samples: a preliminary observation. Archives of Orofacial Sciences, 5(1): 17-23.

6) Khor, C.W., Ahmad, A., Kannan, T.P., Noor Hayati, A.R. (2010). Screening for XPD312 polymorphisms in human oral cancer: a preliminary study. Archives of Orofacial Sciences, 5(2): 42-46.

7) Masudi, S.M., Luddin, N., Mohamad, D. and Alkashakhshir, J.J. (2010). In vitro Study on Apical Sealing Ability of Nano Hydoxyapatite-filled Epoxy Resin Based Endodontic Sealer. American Institute of Physics Conference Proceedings, 1217: 467-471.

8) Michael, M.C., Husein, A., Wan Bakar, W.Z., Sulaiman, E. (2010). Fracture resistance of endodontically treated teeth: an in vitro study. Archives of Orofacial Sciences, 5(2): 36-41.

9) Mong, Y.H., Ab. Ghani, S and Masudi, S.M. (2010). Effect of different number of thermal cycling of class V restoration using nano tooth coloured materials. Dentika Dental Journal, 15(1). Accepted on 13th April 2010.

10) Noor Maizura Mohamad Noor, Fatihah Mohd, Zainab Abu Bakar, Zainul Ahmad Rajion, Rajan Saini. (2010). Intelligent Computing Methods in Medical Diagnosis. Journal of Computer and Information Technology, 1(2): 137-150.

11) Raja Awang, R. A., Ismail, N.H. (2010). Further migration of tooth in patient with reduced periodontium: a case report. Archives of Orofacial Sciences, 5(2): 65-68.

12) R Daly, R.W., Wan Bakar, W.Z., Husein, A., Ismail, N.M., Amaechi, B.T. (2010) The study of tooth wear patterns and their associated aetiologies in adults in Kelantan, Malaysia. Archives of Orofacial Sciences, 5(2): 47-52.

13) Seeni, A., Wahab, R.A., Zulkepli, N.A., Wan Sulaiman, W.N.H., Yahya, M.Z.N., Hamdan, M.R. (2010). Abstract B73: Chemopreventive effect of Streblus asper, a bonsai plant, on osteosarcoma cells: A preliminary study. Cancer Prevention Research, 3(1 Suppl): B73.

List of Other Publications (2010)

1) Mohamad Haafiz, M.K., Wan Rosli, W.D., Azman, S.M., Rohaizu, R. (2010). Cellulose phosphate as biomaterial: preliminary study. In: Baby, S., Sandhu, P.S. (eds.), 2010 International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology (ICEST 2010). Singapore: Research Publishing Services. pp. 498-502. ISBN: 978-981-08-5716-5.

2) Raja Azman Raja Awang (2010). Teater dan pembangunan kemahiran insaniah pelajar. Buletin Dewan Budaya, Pusat Pengajian Seni, USM, 1(1): 12-13. ISSN: 2180-3072.

3) Zaid H. Nema, Zuryati Ab. Ghani, Dasmawati Mohamad, Sam'an Malik Masudi (2010). Surface roughness of nano-glassionomer polished with different polishing methods after 30 days S. mutans biofilm culture. Archives of BioCeramics Research, Vol. 10, ed. by Ika Dewi Ana, Retno Ardhani and Haamid H. Haikai. pp. 78-82. Proceedings of the Tenth Asian BioCeramics Symposium (ABC2010), Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, November 2-5, 2010. ISBN 978-979-3984-46-9.