Excellent Prize, 6th China-ASEAN Forum on Dentistry (CAFD), Guangxi, China.

Szi You 00

Szi You 01

Student Year 5, Lo Szi You was invited to be a representative dental student from Malaysia for the 6th China-ASEAN Forum on Dentistry (CAFD) and the 3rd China-ASEAN Excellent Young Dental Student Forum, 18-21 October 2018, Nanning, Guangxi, China. He won an Excellent Prize and was granted with prize money of RMB500.

Title: The Experimental Rice Husk Nanohybrid Dental Composite (NHDC): Can Its Physical and Mechanical Properties Further be Improved by Zirconia Reinforcement?
Main supervisor: Dr. Noor Huda Ismail
Co-supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Raja Azman Raja Awang