Oral Science Gallery

The formation of a gallery for the collection of materials pertaining to oral sciences took off with an innovative idea from Prof. Ab. Rani Samsudin, the Founding Dean of the School of Dental Sciences, USM. The idea then took shape in 2003 with the opening of an exhibition room covering a space of 800 square feet and equipped with 60 display boxes, 5 display walls and transparent glass cabinets.

The Oral Science Gallery initially started with a small collection of about 200 exhibits. The collection gradually grew larger with contribution of materials and artifacts by the staff of the school. The gallery now has a varied and wide range of exhibits covering various disciplines from the early days of dentistry to the advancement of today, as well as future prospectives in the field of oral science.

Dr Noor Huda Ismail
E-mail: noorhuda [at] usm.my
Phone : +609 767 5854

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