2nd PGRD-15th SSC Winners


PGRD oral 01 Arbaz
1st Place – Arbaz Sajjad
(Co-Authors) AP Dr. Wan Zaripah Wan Bakar, Prof. Ismail Ab. Rahman, AP Dr. Dasmawati Mohamad, AP Dr. T.P Kannan
(Title: Evaluation of a Glass Ionomer Nano-Zirconia-Silica-Hydroxyapatite Hybrid Material)

PGRD oral 02 Sanjida

2nd Place - Sanjida Haque
(Co-Authors)  AP Dr. Mohammad Khursheed Alam, Dr. Mohd Fadhli Khamis
(Title: Effects of Post-Natal Treatment Factors in the Treatment Outcome of Non- Syndromic Unilateral Cleft Lip and Palate Children: A Multi-Population Study)

PGRD oral 03 Mera

3rd Place- Mera Christina Michael
(Co-Authors) Dr. Nik Rozainah Nik Abdul Ghani, Dr. Noor Huda Ismail, Prof. Dr. Adam Husein
(Title: The Effect of Different Restorative Techniques on the Fracture Resistance of Endodontically Treated Teeth: An in vitro study)


PGRD poster 01 Nasihah
1st Place -Siti Nurnasihah Md Hashim
Muhammad Fuad Hilmi Yusof, Wafa’ Zahari, Hamshawagini Chandra, Dr. Khairul Bariah Ahmad Amin Noordin, AP Dr. T.P Kannan, Prof. Suzina Sheikh Abdul Hamid, AP Dr Khairani Idah Mokhtar, Dr. Azlina Ahmad
(Title: Angiogenic Potential of Dental Stem Cells in 3D in vitro Model)

PGRD poster 02 Manaf

2nd Place- Abdul Manaf Abdullah
(Co-Authors)  Tuan Noraiha Azila Tuan Rahim, AP Dr. Dasmawati Mohamad, Prof Hazizan Md. Akil, Prof. Dr. Zainul Ahmad Rajion
(Title: Mechanical and Morphological Properties of Hybrid ZrO2/B-TCP Filled Polyamide 12 for Craniofacial Reconstruction: 3D Printing and Injection Moulding)

PGRD poster 03 Hasan Subhi

3rd Place- Hasan Subhi
Prof. Dr. Adam Husein, AP Dr. Nurul Asma Abdullah, AP Dr. Dasmawati Mohamad
(Title: Evaluation of Physical and Chemical Properties of Chitosan-Based Accelerated Portland Cement)


ssc O BS 01 Lo Szi You

1st Place – Lo Szi You
Supervisor & Co-Supervisors: Dr. Noor Huda binti Ismail, AP Dr. Raja Azman Raja Awang
(Title: Vickers Hardness and SEM/EDS Microstructural Analyses of Experimental Zirconia Reinforced Nanohybrid Dental Composite from Rice Husk)

ssc O BS 02 On Shin

2nd Place – On Shin Hao
Supervisor & Co-Supervisors:
Dr. Khairul Bariah binti Ahmad Amin Noordin,  Wafa’ Zahari, Dr. Wan Nazatul Shima Shahidan
(Title: Detection of Cell Senescence in Stem Cells from Human Exfoliated Decidous Teeth (SHED) and Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma, HSC-2)

ssc O BS 03 Siti Nazira

3rd Place - Siti Nazira binti Zubaidi
Supervisor & Co-Supervisors: Dr. Tuan Nadrah Naim binti Tuan Ismail@Tuan Manah
(Title: Antimicrobial Activity of Cymbopogon Nardus (Citronella Oil) Against Propoiribacterium Acnes)


ssc O CS 01 Shireen

1st Place – Shireen Haniza binti Farid Patrick
Dr. Mohd Fadhli bin Khamis, Dr. Fazal Shahid
Sex Prediction Using Dental Arch Dimensions in Pakistani Populations

ssc O CS 02 Ginitha

2nd Place – Ginitha a/p Thyagarajan
AP Dr. Norhayati Luddin, Dr. Ismail Abdul Rahman, Siti Suraya Zulkifli, Hii Siew Ching
Comparative study of antimicrobial properties of conventional and nano HA – Silica – GIC: An In Vitro Study

ssc O CS 03 Galvin

3rd Place – Galvin Sim Sian Lin
Dr. Nik Rozainah Nik Abdul Ghani, Dr. Tahir Yusuf Noorani, Dr. Noor Huda Ismail
Fracture Resistant of the Permanent Restoration of the Endodontically Treated Premolars

ssc O CS 03 Nur Syahirah

3rd Place – Nur Syahirah bt Mohd Razi
Prof. Dr. Rozita Hassan

The Study of TMJ Morphology in Class II Division I Malooccusion Patient Treated with Fixed Appliance


ssc O PH 01 Cheryl

1st Place- Cheryl Yip Ying Ling
Dr. Zainab binti Mat Yudin@ Badrin, AP Dr. Normastura bt Abd Rahman
Depression, Anxiety and Stress Status and Dental Caries Experience Among Adult Patients Attending Outpatient Dental Clinic in Hospital USM

ssc O PH 02 Azim

2nd Place - Muhammad Azim Syahmi bin Kamaruddin
Dr. Norsamsu Arni binti Samsudin
The Oral Health Knowledge and Practice of Antenatal Mother in HUSM

ssc O PH 03 Loi

3rd Place – Loi Tek Pei
Dr. Nur Karyatee binti Kassim, AP Dr. Normastura Abd. Rahman, Dr. Muhd Hafiz Hanafi
Caries Experience Among Learning Disabled Children and Oral Health Knowledge, Attitude and Practice and Problems Encountered by Their Caregivers Tooth Brushing in Hospital USM


ssc poster 01 Aimi Najwa

1st Place- Aimi Najwa binti Abd Jalil
AP Dr. Raja Azman Raja Awang, Dr. Noor Huda Ismail
Compressive Strength and Degree of Conversion (DC) Analyses of Experimental Zirconia Reinforced Nanohybrid Dental Composite from Rice Husk

ssc poster 02 Nilufar

2nd Place- Nilufar Riazi binti Mehdi
Dr. Tang Liszen, AP Dr. Wan Muhd Amir W. Ahmad
A Five Year Retrospective Study on Zygomatic Complex Fracture at HUSM, a Tertiary Teaching HUSM

ssc poster 03 Goh WanTheng

3rd Place- Goh Wan Theng
Dr. Rabihah binti Alawi, Dr. Yanti Johari, Prof. Ismail Abd. Rahman, Dr. Nor Aidaniza Abd. Muttlib, Dr. Mohd Nazrulhuzaimi Md. Yusoff
Mechanical Properties of Dental Composite Reinforced with Natural Fibers